Beerline Cafe Vegetarian and Vegan Food Menu

Please click on “Order Online” or “Order Now” buttons below to view our current specials and to verify item availability and pricing. Most items are 100% plant based by default however those that are not have a vegan option available. Beerline cafe is a Milwaukee vegetarian restaurant with vegan options.

Starters & Snacks

Jalapeno Cheese Dip & Chips


Loaded Nachos

Crispy El Ray tortilla chips topped with zesty nacho cheese, seasoned black beans, chickpea chorizo, pico de gallo, cashew lime crema, & avocado
Small: $7.45 Large: $10.75

Chips and Salsa

Crispy El Ray tortilla chips served wtih house-made chipotle-jalapeno salsa $4.95


Roasted Asparagus


Side Salad

Spring mix, carrots, cukes & grape tomatoes tossed in smoky tomato vinaigrette, topped with croutons $3.45

Rosemary-Garlic Red Potatoes


Fruit Cup


Chef’s Choice

an ever-changing side dish. See Specials sheet for the deets

Savory Crepes

Classic Breakfast

An all-in-one breakfast crepe with roasted rosemary potatoes, tempeh maple bacon, eggs or tofu & cheddar. $9.75 Sautéed veggies $0.75 Avocado $1.25 Vegan cheese $1.00

Mexican Breakfast

Chickpea chorizo, zesty jalapeno cheese & choice of eggs or seasoned tofu scramble, tucked inside a warm crepe, topped with pico de gallo & cashew lime crema. $9.75 Avocado $1.25 Seasoned black beans $0.95

Green Sun’s Zenith

Spinach, onion, & garlic sautée inside a warm crepe topped with tzatziki, kale chip crumbles, pepitas, & avocado. $8.45 Add an egg for $0.95

Basic Breakfast

Customizable egg or tofu scramble & cheddar cheese. $5.95 Sauteed veggies $0.95 Tempeh bacon $1.95 Sliced tomatoes $0.50 sub mozz, brie, or vegan cheddar $1.00


2 petite crepes filled w/sauteed spinach, garlic, artichokes, brie & mozz topped with honey & salted walnuts. $8.95 Add an egg $0.95

Sweet Crepes

Crepe Suzette

Warm crepe w/sweet orange glaze, butter or Earth Balance topped w/powdered sugar. $5.25

Lemon Poppy Seed & Blueberry

Tangy lemon curd layered inside a delecate crepe, drizzled w/sweet blueberry cream cheese icing & topped with fresh blueberries & poppy seeds. $7.95

Crepe Ape

Choose up to two spreads; peanut butter, Nutella, jam & either bananas or mixed berries topped with Ghirardelli chocolate sauce & toasted pecans. $7.95

Build Your Own

One crepe with Earth Balance. $2.95 Cinnamon sugar $0.25 Maple syrup $0.95 Agave $0.75 Honey $0.75 Berry Mix $0.95 Bananas $0.95 Toasted almonds or pecans $0.95 Chocolate sauce $0.65 Nutella $1.25 Peanut Butter $1.25 Jam $1.25 Vegan Vanilla Icing $1.50 Vegan Blueberry Icing $1.50

Cromelettes / Scrambles

A thin omelette cooked on our crepe makers or make it a scramble with eggs or seasoned tofu. All are Gluten-free & can be made Vegan.


Oven roasted asparagus & mushrooms w/mozzarella cheese drizzled with vegan hollandaise sauce. $8.95

Classic Breakfast

Rosemary potatoes, tempeh bacon & cheddar cheese. $9.75 Sautéed Veggies $0.75 Avocado $1.25 Mozz, brie, or vegan cheddar $1.00


Cheddar cheese, & sauteed veggies. $5.95 Avocado $1.25 sub mozz, brie, or vegan cheddar $1.00

Paninis & Sammies

Gluten-free bread $1.50 Sourdough, multi-grain, focaccia, or hoagie roll available.

Mushroom Barley Burger

Seasoned mushroom barley patty with caramelized beer onions, rosemary aioli, tomatoes, romaine, & alfalfa sprouts served on toasted herbed focaccia bun. $8.95 Avocado $1.25 Mozz, cheddar, brie, or vegan cheese $1.75

Basic Breakfast Panini

Choice of eggs or tofu scramble, melted cheddar, & Vegenaise on your choiceof toasty bread. $5.95 Sub mozz, brie or vegan cheese $1.00 Avocado $1.25 Sauteed veggies $0.75 Tempeh bacon $1.95 Sliced tomatoes $0.50


The ultimate grilled cheese with smoked gouda, cheddar, & tomatoes grilled on garlic sourdough. $6.95 Add avocado for $1.25 Tofu ham $1.95


2 kinds of veggie bacon, avocado, tomato, & romaine with zesty tabasco mayo on toasted multi-grain. $7.45


Melty fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil almond pesto, spinach, & balsamic reduction on Focaccia. $6.95 sub vegan cheese $1.75 also available as a crepe or cromelette

Portobello Cheesesteak

Marinated portobello strips w/bell peppers & onion, smoked gouda, jalapeno cheese & savory onion sauce on a toasted hoagie roll. $8.75 Add an egg $0.95 also available as a crepe

Other Goodies

Ethiopian Lentil Wrap

Spicy berbere seasoned lentil & sweet potato w/garlic cucumber tzatziki, lettuce, & tomato in a grilled flour tortilla. $8.95 Avacado $1.25

Chickpea Chorizo Tacos

Three generously seasoned chickpea tacos with zesty jalapeno cheese, fresh avocado & cashew lime crema. $6.95

Breakfast Tacos

Three corn tortillas with scrambled eggs or tofu scramble, choice of cheddar or vegan cheese & a side of salsa. $5.45 Avocado $1.25 Sautéed Veggies $0.75

Beerline Mac

Your choice of wheat or gluten-free noodles baked in our signature creamy vegan cheese sauce topped with paprika & scallions. Small $4.95 Large $8.75

Pesto Mac

Creamy basil almond pesto cheese topped w/diced tomatoes. Small $5.25 Large $9.25 Avocado $1.25 Seasoned Tofu $1.95 Marinated Potrobellos $2.50

Tofu Scramble

Sauteed veggies, mushrooms, tofu, herbs & spices topped with scallions. Small $3.95 Large $6.45

Breakfast Wrap

Rosemary potatoes, nacho cheese & scrambled eggs or seasoned tofu wrapped inside a grilled tortilla, served with chipotle-jalapeno salsa. $7.75 Avocado $1.25 Black Beans $0.95

Hash Brown Benedict

Roasted asparagus & baked tofu “ham” over crispy hash browns & choice of 2 over easy eggs or tofu scramble drizzled w/vegan hollandaise. $8.45

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

2 cinnamon pancakes with gooey cinnamon syrup & vanilla icing. $9.95


Steel cut oats made w/almond milk, chia seeds, vanilla, & a hint of brown sugar topped w/ bananas, raisins, & almonds. $6.95 Add berries $1.50

Yogurt Parfait

Lightly sweetened coconut yogurt layered with house-made maple-pecan granola and fresh berries topped with lite agave. $6.45

Maple Pecan Granola

A bowl of house-made maple-pecan granola topped with fresh blueberries. $6.25 (Includes choice of milk. Sub greek yogurt or non-dairy milk for $1.25)


Add marinated portobellos or tofu 1.95

The Greek

Crunchy Romaine lettuce with grape tomato halves, cucumber, red onion, greek olive medley, sun dried tomatoes, vegan feta, and avocado tossed with sweet and tangy lemon-oregano dressing and a dusting of dill $10.95


Spinach, Romaine, & spring greens tossed in our own Green Goddess dressing with avocado, scallion, tomato, cucumber topped w/toasted pecans & alfalfa sprouts. $9.95


Spring mix with pickled julienned carrots, cukes, & grape tomatoes, tossed in our smoky tomato vinaigrette, topped with avocado slices & garlic croutons. $7.45